Robot Engineering Laboratory, the School of Computer Science and Engineering, the University of Aizu, Japan

Dr. Keitaro NARUSE is currently a Full Professor at the School of Computer Science and Engineering, The University of Aizu, Japan. His research interests include swarm robots and their application to agricultural robotic systems, and interface system for disaster response robots. Currently, he has worked for design, development, and standardization of networked distributed intelligent robot systems with heterogeneous robots and sensors. He has applied the networked distributed intelligence to service robot systems, factory automation systems, and intelligent disaster respond robot system.

Fleet Robot System Connecting Multiple Platforms and Smart Building by Cyber- Physical System

As fleet robot systems are applied to many applications, it is anticipated to connect various robots developed in different frameworks with many IoT services. However, it is not easy because they introduce independent data models, communication protocols, and system designs. For connecting the multiple planforms, we have been developing a new reference architecture and data model of the fleet robot systems, by the idea of two layers of abstraction and implementation. On the other hand, the intelligence by a single robot is limited because it can sense only its neighbour. However, by connecting many robots and sensors in a building and by integrating data from them, we can develop an intelligent system as a whole building. For example, gathering sensor data from a physical world, modeling them, making plans in a cyber world, and navigate robots in the real world. We call the system as the cyber-physical system. We have been working on the one of the fleet robot systems. In this keynote speech, I will present the concept and design of the above systems. In addition, they have been developed by academia-industry collaboration. I will present our experience how we manage research in academia and development in industry, too


CEO – Global Rubber Industries (GRI)

Dr Mahesha Ranasoma currently serves as the CEO of Global Rubber Industries and he served as managing director of Dipped Products PLC for over eight years. He was on the board of directors of Hayleys PLC and he also served as the Country Chairman and Managing Director of Shell Gas Lanka Limited and Shell Terminal Lanka Limited. He also has over six years of research and development as well as teaching experience as a senior university lecturer in civil/coastal engineering at the Open University of Sri Lanka. He is versed in environmental management and was an active consultant for major private sector and donor funded projects in Sri Lanka. Dr Mahesha Ranasoma holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from the University of Peradeniya, an MBA from the University of Wales, UK, along with a PhD specializing in Coastal Engineering from the University of Cambridge, UK.


Senior Vice President Technical at Nestlé Lanka PLC