1. All payments should be transferred to the following bank account.                    

Account Number: 
Account Name: 

Swift Code: 


University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Peoples’ Bank (Bank code – 7135)

Gangodawila (Branch code – 097)


Sample Receipt:

2. Make sure to include 2500-Paper ID as your payment reference.

3. Registration fee structure can be found at http://iciet.sjp.ac.lk/registration/

4. Once you have done the payment successfully, payment receipt and other information should be submitted via Google form link (will be available soon).

5. Keep your payment receipt safe.

6. Early bird registration will end on 25th  October 2022.

If you have further questions, please contact iciet-conf@sjp.ac.lk

Payments : Dr. Vikum Premalal (+94 71 356 2388)

Thank you for your cooperation.