Agricultural Technologies for Sustainability

Animal Husbandry and Production Technologies, Crop Production Technologies, Emerging Technologies in Agriculture, Farm Machinery and related Technologies, Plant Breeding and Seed Production

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data and Knowledge Engineering, Data Mining, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Machine Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Automotive Engineering

Autonomous/Intelligent Vehicles, Biomimetics in Automobiles, Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure Systems, Design and Manufacturing for Automobiles, Dynamics and Control in Automobiles, Energy Systems in Automobiles, Hybrid and Green Vehicle Technology, Inspection and Maintenance in Automobiles, Mechatronics for Automotive Systems, Safety and Ergonomics in Automobiles, Smart Vehicle Technology

Biotechnology, Bioengineering, and Industrial Bioprocessing

Aquatic and Marine Resources, Biopharma, Cosmetics, Environmental Biotechnology, Genomics, Herbal Products, Nanobiotechnology, Plant/Animal/Microbial Biotechnology

Building Construction and Infrastructure Technology

Building Information Systems, Sustainable Buildings and Service Systems, Construction Materials, Construction Quality and Improvements, Construction Safety Management, Smart /Intelligent Buildings

Communication and Networking Technology

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, Cloud Computing, Computer Networks, Computer and Cyber Security, Distributed Computing, High-Performance Computing, Wireless and Mobile Communication

Electrical, Electronics, and Embedded Systems

Control Systems and Applications, Electronic Instrumentation and Applications, Industrial Electronics, Power Electronics, Wearable Electronics

Energy, Environment and Sustainability

Air Quality Monitoring, Circular Economy, Environmental Remediation, Environmental Assessments, Environmental Economics, Waste Management, Water and Wastewater Management

Food Security, Nutrition and Processing Technology

Food Processing and Preservation, Food Traceability and Safety, Food Engineering and Technologies, Nutrition and Functional Foods, Food Microbiology, Food Quality and Sensory Analysis

Geo Resources, Geo Environment and Geotechnics

Computational Geomechanics, Disaster Management, Engineering Geology, Environmental Geotechnology, Emerging Issues and Trends in Geotechnical Engineering, Geo-Energy, Geotechnical Machineries, Geotechnical Investigations, Geomechanics and Infrastructure, Ground Improvement Techniques, Remote Sensing and GIS

Information Systems / Applications and IS Strategies

Bioinformatics, Database Technologies, eHealth, Smart Cities, Social Aspects of IT, Software Engineering, IS and Applications, IS Strategy and Governance, IoT and IoE

Interactive Media Technology

Animation, Audio and Video Technologies, Computer Graphics, Game Development, Human-Computer Interaction, Image Processing, Multimedia Data Processing, Multisensory Interfaces, Virtual Reality

Materials Engineering Technology

Advanced Materials, Biodegradable Polymers, Composites, Green Materials and Sustainability, Liquid Crystals, Material Synthesis and Characterization, Metallurgy, Specialty Polymers, Nano Materials and Applications, Polymer Recycling and Waste Management, Rubber and Latex Processing Technologies, Surface Coatings and Adhesives

Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation

Industrial Robotics, Sensors and Actuators, Mechatronic Systems, Industrial Automation, Multimodal Simulations, MEMS and NEMS, Industry 4.0, IoT Enabled Mechatronics

Technology Education and Management

Digitalization of Business, Challenges and Affordances of the Online Teaching/Learning, Technology-based Higher Education Pedagogy and Assessments, Technopreneurship

ICIET 2024 will focus on and accept abstracts under the above main themes but is not limited to the subtopics listed under the respective themes.